Tel: +27 (015) 297 0524 / Cell: +27 (072) 403 2308

Tel: +27 (015) 297 0524 / Cell: +27 (072) 403 2308

"your smile is our reward"

Lovers Graphics Plus Com the Trading name of Lerato’s Promotional Services cc is a small Company founded by Lerato Sirengqe so that he can participate in Black Empowerment South Africa. Lerato Sirengqe managed to obtain skills and experience by volunteering on various Companies around Johannesburg for he didn’t manage to have founds to further his studies in the field of marketing, graphics designing, printing, Communication and advertising. At this present moment Lerato Sirengqe he is the leading Graphics Designer and competing with those who carry Professional qualifications in this field internationally. For that reason you can put your trust in the above mentioned company for the above listed products and services for that is what we do best. Early 2005 Lerato Sirengqe moved from Johannesburg to Polokwane where he settled to run his establishment.

Now the international world will soon benefit from Lovers Graphics Plus com from the center of Limpopo Province in the city of Polokwane.


Lovers Graphics Plus Com the trading name of Lerato’s Promotional Services cc is a 100 % Black Owned by the sole founder Mr. Lerato Sirengqe.

Job Creation

We aim to create over 10 permanent jobs and 50 part-time jobs within the coming 12 months from now and that will be determined by project we will receive from our government, private sectors and international market. But if don’t receive support from institutions like yours this dream will not be full filled. So remember that offering us deals is like contributing to the developments of our country and creating jobs for the poor.


The above company was founded with zero capital and currently we have not received big project from bigger companies and government sectors. Due to that reason we request your company to offer us deals that can exceed R50 000 in value but we don’t reject small projects.


Lovers Graphics Plus Com is independent with professional skills, Designing Machinery, Professional Designers, Printing Machines, Signage Machines and Deadline achieving.

That is the reason why we are climbing this corporate ladder in a fast lane.

Dealing with Lovers Graphics Plus Com.

Dealing with our company is like investing, for all our products boost and build business, promoting your company image, earning more customers, gaining respect, and turning your trade name to be a household name and much more…

All of our customers are rewarded in one way or another!

Community Offering

Lerato Sirengqe the founder of this company acquired all the skills by means of volunteering and now he is the best in this industry. For that reason manage to have knowledge out of others and have to help others to have knowledge the same way especially those who don’t have money to go to tertiary level like I failed because of poor financial background I had.


Due to the reason that we don’t have much history, we will keep you up dated with latest developments and looking towards health & profitable relationship within our companies so that we can all have brighter future ahead.

1000 Full Colour Business Cards = R399 (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Start your own business with this Adondo Public Phones, Call Lerato at: 072 403 2308 / 015 297 0524. We have this Phones on Vodacom network only.


Products & Services


Graphics Designing



Screen Printing

Projects Management








Golf Shirts



Work Suits




Printer Cartridges

Communication Systems

Promotional Gifts

Security Systems

Paper Products

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